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4 Current Trends in Kids' Gifts

02 February, 2017

4 Current Trends in Kids' Gifts

We are always on the look-out for new and interesting items to include in future gift boxes.  Alongside word-of-mouth, visiting markets and trade shows, and having a nosy through toy shops and local markets whenever we travel, we also like to do a round-up of Christmas Gift Guides each year.  We look through lists from newspapers, magazines and blogs to see what is new and different and what might be interesting for us to follow-up.  

Lots of the gifts we find and include in our boxes are hard to get hold of in the UK (and importing from other places can be a nightmare with postage and customs, as we know all too well).  

But we also like to keep an eye on trends within the UK, to make sure our gifts are in line with the sort of things kids (and parents) actually want!  Below are 4 key trends for kids gifts in the UK right now.

4 ideas for great gifts for babies and kids

miffy print mrs booth frieze tigers print lorna scobie

1. Prints and Decor: the gift that keeps on giving

A big trend we noticed across all the gift lists was interiors.  Instead of worrying about buying clothes that will fit, or whether they have already received too many hooded bath towels, you could buy a tasteful print or wall hanging.  The added bonus is it doesn't matter how big or small the baby or child is, one size fits all. This is a genius gift, if you happen to share the same style and taste as the recipient (the parent rather than the baby, I mean).  


mini cloud nightlight  disco bath lights serenity start

2. Light It Up

Another great homewares idea is lighting.  From small night-lights to keep the monsters at bay, to 'smart' lights that seem to practically take care of parenting (or so it seems), to funky fun lights, there are lots of options (and price points) to choose from. 



lost my name snap scriball be so baby create box

3. Personalisation: truly thoughtful (but no returns)

Forget the pencil or mug with your name on that you got when you were little, these days personalisation has reached a whole new level.  From books with the whole story based around the spelling of your name at, to personalised anything and everything at my 1st years, there are millions of options to choose from.

Just make sure you get it right, as once they are personalised, gifts can sometimes be hard to return.

For gifts that kids can personalise themselves, check out the Be So Baby Create Boxes here.  With models and masks to make and decorate, kids can have hours of fun making something truly unique to them (and then spend many more hours playing games and creating exciting new imaginary worlds with them)



code-a -pillar primo cubetto coding mouse

4. Build the Future: teach them how to code

A huge trend across almost all the Gift Guides is toys that teach kids how to code.  At Be So Baby, we love anything that is both fun and educational, and these toys have it all.  We will definitely be looking at these sort of products for future boxes this year.

I hope this gave you some food for thought. For more ideas about gifts that suit particular ages, have a look at some of our other posts, such as this beginner's guide to one year olds


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