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A story of friendship, business and minibuses

14 October, 2016

A story of friendship, business and minibuses

A New Blogging Direction..

We have decided it is time to turn this blog into something a little more than purely product reviews, magic tricks and events.  

We started Be So Baby with the goal of making it easier to shop for gifts for toddlers and babies.  Sorcha and I are great friends, and this is the first business either of us has ever started.  So we'd like to share our story and our journey as it continues, on here. If you'd like to read along, please do.

Everyone has to start somewhere, right?

So with this post, I thought I'd start at the beginning of our friendship.  Sorcha and I have been great friends for over 10 years now, ever since we started the same Masters course at University.  

We spent that year driving around the UK in minibuses to various factories (dog food, brick making and car manufacturing were just some of the highlights), carrying out 2-3 week projects in pairs, hoping to help solve whatever operational, costing or marketing problem was thrown our way.  

Both of us were allocated the dubious honour of minibus driver, so Sorcha and I bonded over the inability of our fellow students / passengers to read a map (satnav wasn't even a thing yet!), get back to the bus at a service station in less than half an hour, or stay awake on a journey for more than 5 minutes!

Beth and Sorcha at university

So young!

Back then we were both right at the start of our careers, fresh out of undergraduate courses, with no real idea of what direction we might be headed, or what life would throw at us.  Ten years was an unbelievably long time in our minds - we laughed when faced with the idea that companies might ask at interviews where we saw ourselves in even half that time.  Where do you see yourself in five years time?  Five whole years?  It seemed completely ridiculous.

Ten Years On.. the path to toddler gifting and Be So Baby

A lot has changed in those ten years.  After our Masters, I moved to London and started working in strategy and consumer consulting, helping retailers to understand their customers better.  Sorcha continued on the path we started during our Masters into the world of operational consulting.  Ostensibly both based in London, we would occasionally catch up over weekends or on evenings when Sorcha wasn't working on a project overseas or in some remote part of the UK.


Bridesmaids at my brother's wedding in Sydney

We both spent quite a bit of time travelling and living abroad over the years, and originally came up with the idea for Be So Baby because we both had the same problem when our friends started having babies - lots of nieces, nephews, and godchildren to buy gifts for and no clue where to even start!

So where are we now?

beth and sorcha at a wedding 2016

Still celebrating together at any opportunity!

Sorcha now lives in Glasgow with her husband, and has two little children of her own.. and I travelled round the world, came back to London, have no kids yet but an even longer list of babies, toddlers and even older kids on my giftlist.

A few other things have changed too.  For one thing, we stopped talking about creating a place that makes it easier for busy aunts and uncles to find thoughtful and different gifts and built this website.

But what about this blog?

We are only at the very start of our journey into Be So Baby, business and blogging.  Which is why we thought it might be a nice idea to use this blog as a space not only to tell you about new products and fun things we have been up to (which we still want to do!) but also share some of our thoughts about life, advice from people who actually know what they are doing, and tips we have picked up along the way .. oh, and maybe share some of the mistakes we have learnt from too (if we're feeling brave!).

For now, thanks for even reading this far, and please feel free to leave any comments / thoughts / questions below.  And tell us what you'd like us to write about too!

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