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A first...Networking the Scottish Mothers Way!

18 October, 2016

A first...Networking the Scottish Mothers Way!

As our last blog post mentioned we are going use our blog to share our journey with you - it might be about products, business or our personal journey into the world of owning your own business.

Taking the plunge! 

Scottish Mothers Collective

This one is both business and personal...A couple of Thursday's ago was a first for me - my first networking event since moving back to Scotland and becoming a mother of two. All because my husband told me to follow the Scottish Mothers Collective on Instagram as it was something I might be interested in. I had a look and the next event lined up was all about social media and I thought 'This is exactly what I need!'… so the next thing I knew I was spending the whole afternoon preparing dinner, milk and pj’s and fretting about leaving my man (who is very capable!!) alone to do dinner, bath and bed time with my two little boys.  I completely forgot to think about what was I going to wear, so at the last minute black trousers and a black jumper were thrown on and off I went into town... Turns out black was the theme of the night with nearly all the ladies in head-to-toe black! Phewwwww!

As soon as I arrived, I got chatting to two lovely mums (both with two kids each) that are running and starting up their own businesses. As with most things in life - it's great to talk to other people in the same situation and discuss ‘how do you do it?’ while congratulating ourselves on even making it out of the house and getting to the networking evening! Creative childcare seems to be the way forward... but more on that subject another time!

Turns out - its all about your website!

As I mentioned, the topic for the evening was social media and all 3 speakers had interesting information to share.

Colin Hardie

The first speaker of the night was Colin Hardie from the company Ubisan, who helps companies with SEO on their websites.  He told us how often people give him their business card and say - ‘Don’t look at my website - it’s out of date / looks terrible / doesn’t work’…so all our updates to keep our website current ARE worth it! YEAYYYY! Colin also made the point that your website is completely yours. You can decide what is on it and what is not without having to deal with changes that you have no control over.

Emotional Vs. Logical?

The next topic of the evening was the response to negativity.

Kirsteen MacDonald

The legal lady, Kirsteen MacDonald from the law firm Burness Paull spoke about defamation - and how people often have a very emotional response when it happens. Who wouldn’t? You feel someone is hurting the thing that you have poured your heart and soul into…It's a scary subject to even consider, but if we do ever have to deal with it at Be So Baby, I will try and remember Kirsteen’s advice to be logical about the situation. Find out how many people have actually seen the article/blog/page that attacks you and if you were to give a public response - would you actually increase the amount of people who are aware of what was said?

Everyone loves a story!

The final topic of the evening was all about having a good story to tell.

Lynne Macrossan

Lynne Macrossan (the one not wearing black!) is a writer, stylist and owner of a cashmere clothing company.  She shared with us that no matter what industry you are in, content is king and it's all about the story. Lynne used one of her jumpers as an example - striking up a conversation with a potential customer with ‘did you know this was made on a machine that is over 130 years old?’ It draws the customer in, they want to know more. I may not be Lynne’s target market, but I already feel like it's a beautiful handmade extra special product…that I can aspire to!

A new story for us to tell...

The evening has inspired me to start a new journey… one to tell the story of how Beth and I are setting up our business. I imagine some of it will be exciting, while I also know at times it has been and will be difficult. Even just writing this blog is new (and hard) for me - I’ve been very used to creating slides with bullet points instead of telling longer stories!! I will be putting myself out there and seeing how it goes. If you have any feedback, please leave a comment or get in touch with me (

The first thing I have time take lots of photos for your blog post! 

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