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Easy Autumn Activities for Little Kids

02 October, 2017

Easy Autumn Activities for Little Kids

This week, we are thinking about all things autumnal. Reds, browns, oranges... crunchy leaves underfoot... conkers... pumpkins.. what's not to love?!

As the weather starts to get colder, it can be easy to think more about indoor activities if you're babysitting or visiting your nieces and nephews.  But autumn can be the perfect time of year to head outside and explore.

Here are 5 easy and fun activity ideas for your nieces and nephews this autumn:

Rummage through the Autumn Leaves to Unearth Treasure

rummage through leaves

As the leaves start to drop, rather than just crunching through them (though that can be fun too!) spend a bit of time looking closer - how many different colours can you spot? Who can find the best autumn leaf?

It's amazing what you can spot if you slow down and actually start looking.

Treasure Hunt

Download our free printable treasure hunt and take it out with you to the park.  You can use the clues in a different order and in different places each time.  If you have more than one player you can make it a race to find the next clue - great for warming up little hands and feet once the air starts to get a bit more nippy.

Go Bonkers with Conkers!
Bring back fun memories of your own childhood (or mine anyway!) with a game of conkers.  Conkers usually start falling from Horse Chestnut trees around the start of October.  Once you have found your favourite, drill a hole (this is definitely an auntie/uncle job), tie a string through and let battle commence.

Take care not to swing too wildly - parents may be less than happy if you return their child with less eyes!

Take Turns to Play Helicopter with Spinning Seeds

sycamore seed game

As more plants and trees drop their seeds in autumn, there is even more fun to be had.  Maples, Sycamores and Ash trees all drop seeds that look like little helicopter blades if you throw them into the air.  A safer game than conkers for little ones, and fun for everyone to join in!

Crafting with Autumn Leaves

Don't let the fun stop once you get home.  One of my favourite autumn activities with my nieces and nephews is leaf rubbing.  

Just place a leaf spine side up under a piece of paper and rub gently with a crayon or pencil until the pattern comes through.

What other autumn activities do you like to play with your nieces and nephews?  Leave a comment below and let me know!


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