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Why our Baby Gift Box is the perfect new baby gift

02 May, 2017

Why our Baby Gift Box is the perfect new baby gift

It took us a while to find the right gifts to include in our baby gift box, but we have put together a really special and unique gift that is perfect for any baby.

What is the perfect baby gift?

When choosing what to include in this gift box, it was really important to us that any product we include must be beautiful, memorable, and ultimately useful.  

baby gift box beautiful unique be so baby

What does our baby gift box include?

Our beautiful bespoke gnome babygrow

What is it?

This box includes our very own Be So Babygrow, which as regular blog readers will know, we were incredibly excited to create with our Knitting Auntie, KnitsOnStix.  

babygrow soft cotton gnome

KnitsOnStix designs and knits gorgeous models and figures for all of the kids in her family.  We were delighted when she first made our cheeky gnomes for us.  

Read more about KnitsOnStix and her mission to get every child knitting here.

If we could clone our Knitting Auntie, we would - although she is super speedy, even she can't knit fast enough for us to include the knitted gnomes in every gift box.  

Luckily, she created the gnome print for us instead, which we have included on our babygrows.  

Why do we love this product?

We picked the softest cotton babygrows we could find for our bespoke design - and our customers agree that they are as comfortable to wear as they are fun to look at!

baby gift box feedback be so baby

What are the options?

We have chosen to offer our babygrows in two sizes, neither of which is newborn.. are we mad?  We don't think so!  

We know that newborn babies come in a variety of shapes and sizes and even if newborn baby-clothes happen to fit on day one, or two, or three... they definitely won't fit for long at the rate new babies grow.  So we decided to get the most wear out of your babygrow, you can choose from 3 - 6 month and 6 - 9 month sizes.  Trust us, new parents are always happy to have something ready for the 'next growth spurt'.

Knee Socks that stay up!

knee socks stay up baby

What is it?

Our Baby gift box also includes stylish knee socks from Little Royal Two.  These socks are trendy, super comfy and most importantly, they don't fall off babies' feet!

Why do we love this product?

Sorcha's son tried so many different socks out for us before we came across these ones.  Most socks just refuse to stay on at all, and the ones that do stay up, have a tendency to leave marks or start to cut off circulation.  We couldn't believe how great these socks were, and asked a few other mums to try these for us too.  

They confirmed to us that Little Royal Two socks are soft, comfy, and they are super stylish too.  The writing on the soles is also useful for gripping - great if you are learning how to walk on a slippery surface!

What are the options?

Our knee socks come in 3 gorgeous colourways to choose from:

knee socks colourway stay up little royal two baby gift

The ultimate chewable, un-lose-able teether

teether crochet handmade marina

What is it?

Our final new baby box product is our Marina string teether.  Whenever one of our testers is out and about with one of these teethers, other parents stop to ask where they are from.

teether hand crochet baby gift box

Why do we love this product?

This beautiful teether is a string of hand-crocheted multicoloured beads (that are great for chewing). That's not the only great thing about this teether, though. At one end of the string is a solid beech wood animal - perfect for grasping or nibbling.  At the other end is a handy clip, which means peace of mind as it is virtually impossible to drop on the floor!

Don't just take my word for it, though - our customers tell us they love it too:

teether crochet feedback baby gift

What are the options?

You can choose from a turtle or fish wooden teething toy:

teether hand crochet cotton wood

Have a look at our box here

What does the baby gift box look like?

Here's a quick look inside the Baby gift box:

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