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How to buy the perfect gift for a four year old

01 March, 2017 2 Comments

How to buy the perfect gift for a four year old

This week I'm sharing my handy guide to four year olds.

Four is a big year of change.  Depending on where you live, a lot of children move from nursery or playgroup to pre-school or even primary school at this age.  The days when he / she was just a toddler are long gone. 

They're still developing new skills and abilities at an astonishing rate, but so many of their likes, dislikes and personality traits seem to be set by this point.

If you don't have the chance to spend a lot of time regularly with the children in your life, it can come as a shock to see how quickly they grow and develop.

This series of handy guides is a quick and easy way to help you to work out the best gifts to buy, and what activities or games might go down well if you don't get to visit very often.  

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Four Year Olds Are Able To...

perfect fourth birthday gift - development stage

Hop, skip & jump

By four years old, most kids have a similar (or possibly even better) level of coordination and balance as most adults.  Getting them to stay still long enough to hold a balance is the most tricky part.  Fun games such as Musical Statues, or skipping and hopping games in the park can help kids develop and enjoy their newfound skills.  You might even uncover their hidden talents as a budding gymnast!


perfect fourth birthday gift - spend time with family


I don't know any four year olds that don't love to take part in lengthy conversations.  They usually have a pretty strong opinion about most topics, and often a unique perspective on the way the world works.  Their logic and reasoning is strong, although it may not always match yours!


perfect fourth birthday gift - big brother or sister


Most four year olds can now understand and empathise with people even when they're not there in person.  This can make conversations about family members or friends who aren't physically present more interesting and rewarding.  If you don't live really close-by it can be hard to feel connected to the little kids in your life, but by this age they should be starting to have proper conversations on video chat.  So even if you're not there to play with them in person, they can know that you are still part of their world.

Four Year Olds Want To...

perfect fourth birthday gift - be creative

Great Gifts for a Four Year Old

Now that they have such a strong sense of self, four year olds are generally happy to let the world know who they are.  He / she is proud of their creations, and will look for opportunities to show them off.

Gift Ideas:

perfect fourth birthday gift - express yourself microphone

"The microphone was a big success. They did shows for us which were priceless!!"
Annette (mum of 2)
Microphone:  The best way to display any newly discovered talents is, of course, to put on a show!  Beware of toys requiring batteries (a spare set will always be welcomed by parents), but a toy such as this microphone can give the whole family hours of fun together.


perfect fourth birthday gift - creative gift box be so baby

Be So Baby Create Gift Box: An easy way to buy a great gift that you know will go down well.  Our create box contains lots of bits and pieces to encourage creativity and imagination.  


perfect fourth birthday gift - building tiles

"I wish I'd bought more 'putting together' presents, as she seems to be able to concentrate on it and spend time building things.."

Tamsin (mum of 2)

Magna-tiles: Invented in 1992 to teach children about shapes through play, each tile has magnets along its edges. Like lego, children can use this sort of puzzle to build whatever structures they can think of, and then use their imagination to create stories around them.


perfect fourth birthday gift - dress up

"The doctor's outfit & kit was the main focus on the day"

Annette (mum of 2)

Dress-up Kit: Kids of all ages love to put on fancy dress and invent characters and stories to go alongside them.  By four, the roles will have become a bit more advanced and the stories can last for hours (with as many twists and turns as a soap opera!)


simple guide to four year olds

All this useful information and more is contained in our Beginner's Guide to Four Year Olds pdf.  Sign up to our newsletter here and we will send you your own copy 

Hopefully this has helped give you more of an idea about four year olds.  Please leave any of your own tips and ideas in the comments! 

2 Responses


06 March, 2017

this couldn’t have come at a better time! I have a niece who turns 4 in a couple of weeks, and I’m always at a loss to what I should buy as a gift


01 March, 2017

Lots of people have been recommending Magnatiles to us, they sound fab! The thing my eldest son most wanted when he turned four, was to ‘level up’ in Lego, because they now have that Junior range for age 4+. I kid you not, to him this was the absolute best thing about turning 4 – big boy Lego!

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