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Inspirational Auntie - Dame Helen Mirren

28 July, 2017

inspirational auntie helen mirren

Dame Helen Mirren is the inspirational auntie we all kindof wish belonged to us.  Oscar winning actress, Dame, she gives great advice, but also has a bit of a fun and slightly crazy side, what's not to love and admire?!

So here are five inspiring things you may not know about Helen Mirren:

1. She has a tattoo

helen mirren inspirational auntie

These days she has more than one, but back in the 1970s, Helen got her first tattoo.  In a commencement address at Tulane University in May, she revealed that she got her tattoo "when only Hells Angels, sailors and convicted felons got them,".

The tattoo is on her left hand, and says "in La'kesh", a Mayan phrase she discovered.

In La'Kesh, means "You are my other self. We are one. I am another yourself."

"We're all in this together," Mirren explained. "Remember that, so that you can make some sense out of and fix this crazy, crazy world."

2. She is the first ever Patron for Women for Women International

helen mirren inspirational auntie

As a strong woman and powerful advocate for equality, Dame Helen Mirren is an inspiration for many women the world over, making her perfect for the role of Women for Women International’s first ever Patron.  This is a new and important position helping Women for Women International garner support for the women survivors of conflict whom we serve and support more women.

3. She set a trend for pink hair

helen mirren inspirational auntie

Back in 2013, Helen dyed her hair pink for the BAFTAs.  In the following month, sales of pink hair dye rose by 243%.

4. She always gives great advice

Helen Mirren inspiration

Last year, when accepting an award from Elle's Women in Hollywood, Helen gave a speech with 5 key pieces of advice.  Among them? 

"Better to have three great friends than 300 friends on social media. Friends you can really talk to."

"At the blackjack table, always split aces, eights and nines. Believe me, it really improves the odds."

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5. She really loves being an auntie

helen mirren inspirational auntie helen mirren inspirational auntie

Even 20 years ago, Helen was happy to let people know how proud she was of her role as Auntie. In this interview with The Independent, she said:

"The aunt/nephew relationship is a fab one, almost as good as being a grandmother. Simon is exactly like my son, except that he's not. There is no chastising, only spoiling, and you can be racy, and break all the rules."

We heart you, Helen Mirren!


Have a look here for more about our mission to celebrate aunties and uncles

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