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Inspirational Aunties - Venus Williams

04 July, 2017

Inspirational Aunties - Venus Williams

We love to celebrate inspirational aunties here at Be So Baby.  So it's great news that Venus Williams is aiming for favourite auntie when her sister Serena’s baby is born in September. 

We know Venus is excited about becoming an auntie. When she was asked about her niece / nephew by a TV reporter back in March she said: 

venus williams - “She's going to call me her favourite aunt... We all want the baby to be named after us”

I think favourite auntie is a goal a lot of us can identify with!

As it's Wimbledon fortnight, we thought this was the perfect time to look at what sort of auntie Venus will be.

Venus Williams is going to be an inspirational auntie 

Here at Be So Baby, we believe that being a great auntie is about 3 key things - showing up, sharing your knowledge, and inspiring your nieces and nephews through your own actions.   

We reckon Venus has all three of these covered.

She knows how to show up and be there for her family

As a tennis player, she has shown commitment to the sport, achieving Grand Slam titles and an Olympic Gold medal.

But family is equally important to Venus.  As a big sister, she is as proud of her little sister’s achievements as her own.  Back in January, when she lost to Serena in the Australian Open final, she had this to say about it:

Venus Williams - “I have been right there with you. Some of them I have lost against you. I guess that's weird but it's true. But it's been an awesome thing, your win has always been my win, I think you know that."

She's determined to be the best auntie that she can be

She's not a first time aunt, but her previous experience of becoming an auntie was when she was a child living on the other side of the country from her family.

But her determination to be the best auntie she can be shines through in a recent interview with US Today:

venus williams quote I hope that I can live up to the job of auntie

Venus is a great role model 

Asked by USA Today what her greatest achievement is to date, she answered “Role model, definitely.  Tennis is limited. … Being a role model transcends.”

So what makes Venus WIlliams such a great role model?

Apart from all her amazing tennis achievements, Venus has also used her status to lead the march on equality for women in tennis.

There is equal prize money at Wimbledon today largely because of her. At a meeting the day before the women’s final at Wimbledon in 2005, Williams made an emotional appeal to the chairs of all four Grand Slams. Asking them to close their eyes, she told them to imagine themselves as a young girl who worked just as hard, sacrificed just as much and dreamed just as big as any boy, only to be told when she reached the pinnacle that, “you’re almost as good, but not quite the same.”

It took her two more years, but in 2007 Wimbledon paid its men’s and women’s champions equal prize money for the first time.

She also plays a big part in other campaigns for equality, including the World Tennis Association’s partnership with UNESCO that promotes gender equality, Ellevest - an online investment platform geared toward women, and The Players’ Tribune “Stand Up” series.

venus williams speech as role model - dream big and don't accept limits

We are sure Venus is going to be a great auntie to her new niece - in fact, we’d rather like her to be our auntie too!

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