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Introducing... Build Your Own Gift

16 August, 2017

build your own perfect gift

We have carefully curated our gift boxes for babies and children up to 6 years old.  But what if you want to buy a gift that's suitable for two or more siblings?  Or if you really want the Play Box, but you know that your niece / nephew already owns the game from that box? 

The solution is our new option - Build Your Own Gift

With our new build-your-own option, you have the choice of all of our most popular gift items, ready to arrange into the perfect gift for your needs.

Our gnomes had fun choosing some of the gifts that they might put into their own perfect gift... see the video below.

What's so great about building your own gift?

Buy a gift the whole family can enjoy

With our new build your own gift, you can mix gifts for different ages into the same box.  Let's say your brother has 3 children, aged 8 months, 2 1/2 years and 5 years old.  You might build the following gift:
babygrow be so baby - gnomes
walk in story book for 4 years +
 For The Baby
A beautiful soft cotton babygrow, with unique gnome design.  
Created by KnitsonStix
For the 2 1/2 year old
A number jigsaw puzzle, made from sustainable bamboo.
From Ecoboo
For the 5 year old
Develop creativity and encourage imagination with the walk-in story book by Story






Buy the perfect gift for your niece or nephew

If you know your niece / nephew well, then you will know exactly what sort of gifts they will enjoy.  Our new Build Your Own option allows you to mix and match from our different boxes - you might want to include the Balloon Ball and bamboo jigsaw from our Play Gift with the Craft Tin from our Create Gift.

Maybe the birthday girl (or boy) already has one of the gift items at home?  You can use our Build Your Own Gift option to swap out that item for something else.

Buy a box to keep at home

build your own perfect gift

Imagine the delight when your nieces and nephews visit and they discover you already have a box of exciting new toys and games waiting for them!

View all our gifts here 

Or, start building your own gift straight away...


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