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Let's Talk About... Flex!

27 February, 2017

Let's Talk About... Flex!

Last week I took part in Flex Appeal Glasgow.  

Sorcha and Mother Pukka

This is one of the flash mob events taking place around the country, organised by journalist Anna Whitehouse, aka Mother Pukka

 Mother Pukka Flash Mob, Trafalgar Square

I convinced my friend Emma to come along too.  And so after our usual morning routine, my two little boys and I rushed around pulling on all the lycra we could find and set off into town, meeting Emma and her daughter, Sophia, on the way.  

Finlay and Sophia

We arrived slightly late but still in time for the warm-up, and were welcomed in to the group for a quick rehearsal and run-through of the song we were to sing during the flashmob.

The event was very well organised, and we had the use of Regus office space for our rehearsal - with breakfast, coffee and snacks for the little ones provided.  This is the first time I’ve seen an office space completely overrun with children and prams….and the mess we left behind will have come as a bit of a shock I'm sure!

After this we all headed down to George Square for one last rehearsal and then it was time for the real thing - the kids had so much fun and enjoyed dancing in the square with everyone too.  As for me? I had fun too, but couldn't believe how quickly it was all over after all the build-up.  It was all over in a FLASH (mob)! 

Let's Talk About Flex

We were so happy to be able to join Anna in the flashmob - she is working hard to promote and get more businesses to sign up to the Working Forward pledge, launched by The Equality and Human Rights Commission to make our workplaces the best they can be for pregnant women and new mothers.

Working from home, or choosing your own hours, seems like the ideal solution to a hectic lifestyle whether you are a mother or not. 

From an employer’s perspective, I am surprised that flexible working isn’t already offered as standard. Savings on rent can be significant, when a large proportion of your workforce is not in the office at any given time. Lambeth Council, for example, claims it will save £4.5 million per year in property running costs by making sure that no more than 60% of its staff are in at one time.

Joining the growing number of businesses offering flexible working as standard seems like a no-brainer to me. Improved employee satisfaction, productivity and staff retention should be aspired to by every company.

So we are proud to take part in Anna’s Flex Appeal campaign - and just hope that the Working Forward pledge will be the first step towards more flexible working options for all employees, not just mums.

Click here for more information about the government’s Working Forward pledge.


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