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Networking with Children...Does it work?

02 November, 2016

Networking with Children...Does it work?

What do you normally do with your Sunday morning? Read the paper? Go swimming? Hang out in your PJ's in front of the TV? Go to the play park?... or do you do some networking?

Networking? Really? On a Sunday?


Sorcha and husband
Getting ready to netwalk

Well yes…this Sunday we got involved in some netwalking (networking while walking!). It's not our normal Sunday activity but it turned out to be fantastic. I’m sure the weather helped too!

I used to love spring time in Ireland but I have decided that Scottish autumns are now my favourite time of the year, especially on sunny days!!

netwalking glasgow burrell collection

Fellow netwalkers

Getting creative in nature

Just like my last networking event, this activity was organised by Scottish Mothers Collective, who teamed up with Muddy Puddles (the outdoor children's clothing brand) to organise a bit of Netwalking.

This Sunday was my first time to go to this type of event, and it's a little different than the usual events without kids.  With everyone chasing around after their own kids, networking was slightly less of a priority, but there was still plenty of fun to be had!

The activities organised were all about the kids, and they had a great time - shape hunts focused on Halloween items, making your own microscope and creating an autumn crown. 

netwalking glasgow burrell collection
A chance to catch-up with everyone

The beauty of the activity pack we were given was that it can be used again both outdoors and inside - F and I took his bag to the park yesterday and collected leaves whilst wearing his crown and chasing his balloon.

F looking cool burrell collection glasgow
Looking good, and he knows it!

It's lovely to meet each other in a less formal situation than the usual networking events (and a beautiful setting of the Burrell Collection), to have a chat and actually meet the little ones who now play such an important part in our lives.

So as I said - not much networking happened for me (I’m totally ok with that!) but I did meet a few ladies who I thought I recognised from somewhere…and then the realisation dawned on me…I know you from Instagram!!! The world of social media breaks down barriers before you even meet people these days.

Sorcha and F Fun day out for all!

For anyone in Glasgow/Edinburgh/or the vicinity who is interested in joining in any future events like this, you can find out more on the Scottish Mothers Collective Facebook Page

Look forward to seeing you there!

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