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NEW Create Gift Box

19 July, 2017

create gift box for preschoolers

Introducing our newest Gift - the updated Create Gift Box for 4 - 6 year olds!  This box explodes with activities and crafts to keep kids entertained.

Explore their imagination

Story Walk-in-Book

The Walk-in-Book by Story allows kids' (and grownups') imaginations to run wild.  Open the bag to reveal a large hand-designed map, created by Melanie Smith of Story.  Use the figure provided or put the mask on to jump right into the book!

Melanie has provided loads of story beginning and quest cards to help you along the way as you create your own narrative.

The great thing about this Walk-in-Book is that you can tell a different story every single time.  Insert people you know, and places you've been to really bring the story to life.

Develop their creativity

fancy dress gift tin cotton twist make believe gift tin cotton twist

Open the shiny gift tin from Cotton Twist and explore the crafts inside.  With four activities to choose from, this is an activity that can be shared between siblings or friends. 

Or you might choose to keep all of the crafts for yourself!  

Create your own superhero mask, or headdress, magic wand or rocket ship... there are so many different ideas, and the fun doesn't end when you have finished decorating either.  

Why not incorporate your new creations into the Story book too?

Choose from fancy dress or make believe gift tins.

Explore your surroundings

treasure hunt by be so baby

The final game in our new Create Gift Box is our very own Treasure Hunt.  We developed this game with fun in mind.

Each clue comes with an activity - "pretend you're invisible" or "rub your tummy while you pat your head" for example.  The clues can be hidden in a different order each time, and the versatility means you can play this game anywhere - in the garden, in the park, indoors if the weather isn't so great.

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