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FREE Summer Activity - Print your own Treasure Hunt

11 July, 2017

free printable treasure hunt for kids - great summer activity

Our new printable treasure hunt is so easy to use - just print it on a single piece of A4, cut out the clues, and get hiding!

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*Suitable from 18 months

As summer holidays ramp up, there's a good chance you're going to be looking for some outdoor activities to keep your nieces and nephews occupied when you see them.  If you're anything like me, your house will not be full of child-friendly games and activities.. so thinking up fun ideas when your family visits is a must.

free printable treasure hunt for kids - summer holiday activity

The beauty of this treasure hunt is that the treasure itself really isn't important at all.  In fact, when I play this game with my niece and nephew, just finding the last clue seems reward enough - particularly as they will inevitably want to start the next round straight away!

A few tips for first time treasure hunters:


Hide the clues back-to-front

    Always start with the final clue first.  Depending on where you hide the treasure (or final clue), the clue before has to point the searchers towards it.  So, if your treasure is hidden in a blue bucket, the next clue to hide will be pointing towards something blue.

    You can work all the way back to the first clue in this way.  The first clue is handed (or read out to) the seekers to get the game started.


    Switch up the order

      The final clue will always be the treasure - but if you switch up the hiding place then the previous clue that points towards it will change too.  If the treasure was in a blue bucket last time, maybe hide it in something green for round two!


      Play indoors or outdoors

        This game works come rain or shine!  If the summer clouds come rolling in you can easily move the game inside the house.  Or take it with you on trips to the park for a change of hiding places!

        If you're looking for more games and acitvities to keep your nieces / nephews occupied - take a look at our gift boxes below.  A box of games and activities ready to bring out will most certainly help you secure your position of favourite auntie/uncle!

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