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The best easy egg activities for kids this Easter

11 April, 2017

The best easy egg activities for kids this Easter

Let's face it, being an auntie is all about making and giving treats at this time of year.

If, like me, you are spending time with your family this Easter, you might be looking for some simple ideas of treats to make and activities to do with the kids.

There are a million and one crafts and activities you can do with little kids, like our awesome Be So Baby Easter Egg hunt.

But today, I want to show you three fun things you can do with just one box of eggs.

Easter activities for kids

... OK, you might need a little more than just the eggs to make these treats, but this way you use the whole box and have less to throw away at the end.  

Here are three simple ideas using the eggs, shells and egg box:

Use the shell to make...

Unicorn Jelly Eggs

unicorn jelly easter egg

I first started thinking about egg treats after Sorcha told me about these really cool Unicorn Jelly Eggs - her aunt makes these for all the little kids in her family around Easter and they are so much fun I thought I had to have a go myself.

They're pretty simple to make, but the kids will go wild for them.  If you want a similar multi-coloured pattern to those in the photo, it does take some patience - if you're lacking in this skill I'm sure your nieces and nephews will like a single colour 'dinosaur' or 'fairy' egg just as much!

Click here for detailed instructions to make Jelly Easter Eggs

Use the eggs to make...

Easter Fairy Cakes (or Easter cupcakes)

easter fairy cakes

These were a lot of fun to make and decorate, and if your nieces and nephews are around, they will love to help with the mixing and have a go at decorating their own cakes too.

I used my mum's cake mix recipe, which I've included in the detailed recipe, but any simple cupcake or fairy cake recipe will do.  For decorations, I wanted to stay on the Easter theme, and use mini eggs as much as possible.

Click here for detailed instructions to make Easter Fairy Cakes

Use the egg box to make...

Egg Box Daffodils

egg box daffodils

The final idea uses the egg box itself - told you there was no wastage!  I cut out the egg box, and used straws, an empty toilet roll and a piece of ribbon to make this pretty daffodil display.  

These are great fun to make with the kids.  If you don't have yellow egg boxes, you can get your nieces and nephews to paint them first too.

Click here for detailed instructions to make Egg Box Daffodils 

Does it all seem a bit too much effort?  

easter gift box

Grab one of our last Easter gift boxes and have an Easter Egg hunt instead - only a few left. 

UPDATE:  All gone!  Come back next year!

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