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Why Every Child Should Learn How to Knit

26 April, 2017

Why Every Child Should Learn How to Knit

This week, we are delighted to have a guest post from our very own KnitsOnStix.  As a knitting superstar, we love that we are able to include her designs in our products.  As a Great Auntie, she also spends a lot of time knitting gifts for all the children in her family, as well as encouraging them to get involved in craft and knitting activities themselves.

Today she explains why it is so important to teach children skills such as knitting from a really young age:

"This is my Knitting Auntie."  

That's how my eight year old nephew proudly introduced me to his friends recently. He's almost right.  I'm his Great Auntie and knitting is my superpower.

knitted superheroes knitsonstix

Knitted Superheroes by KnitsOnStix

I'm convinced that inside every kid there's a superpower just waiting to be unleashed.  As the significant adults in young lives we can guide and help children make the most of all they can do.  After all, Jonathan and Martha Kent saw something in their son, Clark, and... well... the rest is history.

child dress up superhero

Developing a skill in a child is a gift

I was eight when my mother taught me to knit.  Simple things at first – cast on, knit, purl, cast off – then how to shape and sew pieces together.  Before long I had completed my first project, a tea cosy, in yellow and blue.  I was so proud.  I had a new skill and my granny had a new tea cosy.

Many times during my adult life something I've done well reminds me of that very first project.  The unfettered joy of achieving success and the pleasure of giving a gift.  Speaking of which... a few years ago while clearing out my grandmother’s house I made a discovery.  Tucked away in a kitchen drawer, used and cherished, was the little blue and yellow tea cosy.

hand crochet tea cosy knitsonstix

Apart from all the developmental milestones (to which of course I was oblivious) that tea cosy was my first big achievement.  Like learning to ride a bike or baking your first cake it was a proud moment and a cherished memory.  It's more than a memory though, it's a superpower to pass on to future generations.

By teaching a child how to do something like knitting, you are giving them a talent to carry through their whole lives.  Knowing how to knit, sew, crochet or make also means they'll never be stuck for something to do or a gift to pass on!

How to encourage kids to get involved in knitting

child craft crochet knitsonstix

Getting kids involved in knitting is easy.  Bright colours and textures capture their imaginations.  There are easy projects such as pom-poms, yarn crafts, finger knitting (arm knitting even!) and knitting dollies.  Toddlers can experiment with these long before they pick up a pair of needles.  The possibilities are endless.

Our Knitting Auntie will be back with some simple knitting and other craft ideas really soon.  Subscribe to our newsletter to make sure you don't miss it. 

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be so baby baby gift box be so baby babygrow knitsonstix

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