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How to inspire your nieces and nephews with wool

14 September, 2017

How to inspire your nieces and nephews with wool

In this post, our favourite Knitting Auntie - from KnitsOnStix (she made our amazing dancing gnomes) is giving us her top tips for getting your nieces and nephews excited about wool crafts.

The Treasure Trove that is The Wool Shop

Have you ever listened to a child talking about something that really excites them?  The way they can't talk fast enough? Words tumbling everywhere, punctuated with "and... and... and" or "but... but... but"?  That's how I feel about knitting.

In our family I hold the position of Knitting Auntie.  Believe me, every family should have one! Buoyed up by my grand title I'm determined to pass on my enthusiasm to the younger generations. 

Kids love making things

It gives them a sense of achievement and pride.  Fridges and kitchen cupboards around the country creak under the weight of their creativity.

kids are so proud of their creations

How to get started with wool crafts

Sometimes it's hard to know where to start with wool crafts for kids.  I always start with colour and texture.  Where better to find both than in the local wool shop?  On a recent visit I took my two great nephews to explore my favourite store.  

It's a good idea to pop in a few days before to reassure yourself that your local shop is child friendly before you take the whole gang.

The boys were quickly spotting colours they knew and checking out the multitude of textures.  They found squidgy balls of super chunky, followed by sparkly tinsel and sock wool that changed colour as the knitted sock grows!  

teaching kids about colours and textures

I'll admit it took two eagle eyed adults to shadow them as they snuggled the softest baby wool and marvelled at the scratchy wool for dish scourers.  The older one spotted a basket of oddments and was happily carrying it around with him.

crafting with kids - buying wool from the shop

Buttons are like pieces of treasure for kids

If you're not familiar with shopping for wool, you'll not know the biggest treasure on offer... buttons!  Kids are fascinated with the sizes, shapes and colours.  Not to mention the sound a tube full makes when it's shaken.  The button counter is also a source of cheap treats.  I usually let the kids choose two buttons each costing less than a pound.  

buttons are like treasure to kids

When you get home it's a quick job to sew them on some clothing belonging to their favourite toy.

crafting with kids - sew a favourite button on their jumper

Look out for special wools that change colour

Colour changing wool is also a good buy for wool craft projects. The chunkier the better for sticking and wrapping or Aran weight for older kids wanting to learn to finger knit.  

In my next post, I'll give you some tips for crafting with your woollen purchases!

Tips for visiting a yarn store with kids

1. Plan your visit

Check out the store and speak to the owner to gauge how kid friendly it is.

2. Know your kids

Tired, hungry, rough and tumble kids might prefer a picnic or the playground this visit.

3. Many stores have seating areas for classes and social events

A quick sit down to rub hands and faces with wet wipes before letting the kids explore allows everyone relax a little.

4. Hang back and let them look around

But stay eagle-eyed!

5. If you like to knit (or want to learn), guide them to the chunky yarn or cotton  

You can amaze them by rustling up a hat or washcloth from the wool they choose.

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