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We love the versatility of Orchard Toys games.  Each game is made with fun and learning in mind. There are suggested ages but the bright colours and fun designs mean that most children can find a way to play that suits their abilities.

Orchard Toys are designed with the ethos ‘Learning Made Fun’, and they combine bright, innovative design, durability and quality. Orchard Toys designs, produces and packs all their products from a small market town in Norfolk.  All the board they use for games, jigsaws and packaging is 100% recycled, and their products are all made in Britain

The Farmyard Heads and Tails is a matching game for younger toddlers.  A simple matching game that is a great help when they are first learning about different animals.

Old MacDonald Lotto is a combination of matching and memory.  Smaller children can play this game in the same way as Farmyard Heads & Tails, while more advanced kids turn the cards over to challenge their memories.

Monster Bingo is also a fun memory and matching game, but a bit of strategy can be employed to make this game more exciting!

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New Baby Lotto is a unique first lotto game designed to help parents prepare their child for a new arrival.

orchard toys new baby lotto

Find this game in our Big Brother / Sister Gift Box.

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