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Be effortlessly thoughtful. No matter where you are.

be effortlessly thoughtful

Whether you have no clue where to start, or just need a little help to pick out a great gift this one time, you have come to the right place.

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What makes us think we can help?

beth and sorcha

We spent years living and working away from our friends and family.  Meanwhile, everyone back home started getting married, having babies, getting on with their #lifegoals, the usual...


It wasn't always easy:

find the perfect gift

We make it easy to be thoughtful

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More About Us

Beth and Sorcha

Two friends with a constant need for baby and toddler gifts.  We met at university over 10 years ago and though we have spent most of the time since then living in different countries from each other we have managed to stay great friends through it all.  

Beth Searle

auntie / godmother / child-friendly spinster



Sorcha Derkx-Mullan 

auntie / godmother / sleep-deprived mother of two