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Recipe: Easter Fairy Cakes

To make approx. 24 Easter Fairy Cakes you will need:

For the cakes:

For the nest decoration (makes 8 cakes):

For the chick decoration (makes 8 cakes):

For the sheep decoration (makes 8 cakes):

Step 1: make the cakes

mix the batter

Cream together the butter and sugar before adding the flour, lemon peel and eggs.  Add these in three stages, mixing between each.

the right consistency

When all the mixture is combined, spoon into fairy cake cases.  About 1 heaped tbsp per case.  Don't overfill!

fill the cases

Bake at 180C (gas mark 6) for about 20 minutes, until the tops are golden brown and they spring back up when you touch them.

 Leave to cool on a rack.

Step 2: Make the egg nests

Carefully cut a circle out of the top of the cake.

fill with nutella

Fill the hole with nutella.

decorate the top with mini eggs

Decorate the top with mini eggs.

eat the leftover cake top with nutella

Eat the leftover cake top with more nutella (chef's perk).

Repeat with 7 more cakes.

Step 3: make the baby chick nests

spread nutella on the top of the cake

Spread a tsp of nutella on the top of the cake.

shave chocolate with a knife

Use a knife to shave the bar of chocolate (this works best at room temperature) then sprinkle the shavings on the top of the cake.

add the chicks

Use the edible ink pens to draw faces on the Milkybar eggs then pop your 'chicks' into their nest.

Repeat with 7 more cakes

Step 4: make the Easter sheep cakes

spread the frosting and chop the marshmallows

Spread 1 tbsp buttercream onto the top of the cake (I used cream cheese frosting because I think it goes well with the sweetness of the marshmallows).

Chop each mini marshmallow in half and stick them onto the cake (reserve two marshmallow halves) and leave a space for the head.

make the sheep head and add

Cut one of the remaining marshmallow halves in half again and use nutella to stick one on each side of the Lindt chocolate egg for ears.

Cut two small pieces off the last marshmallow half, roll into eyeball shapes and use the edible ink pen to draw on two eyes.  Use nutella to stick these to the mini egg, then place the 'head' onto the sheep cake.

Repeat with 7 more cakes.

Tip: Kids will love to get involved with this activity.  From stirring the cake mix, to sticking the eggs onto the cakes, this is a fun recipe you can definitely do together.  Just don't expect the resulting cakes to be picture perfect... they'll still taste amazing!