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Recipe: Egg Box Daffodils

To make 2 Egg Box Daffodils you will need:

Step 1: cut out the daffodils

cut out the daffodil petals

Each daffodil has a large outer petal, made from one of the egg 'cups' in the box and a smaller inner petal, made from the smaller joining peak.  

If you have a single egg box, you can usually only get two daffodils from it, but it depends on the shape of the box.  My yellow box only had two 'peaks' to cut out, but I had a darker brown egg box to hand at the same time, so made my daffodils multi-coloured, and managed to make 4.

Tip: If your egg box isn't yellow, you should paint the petals at this stage, before you make the daffodils.

Step 2: make the egg box flowers

cut the egg cups into petals

Cut each egg cup into a flower shape.

thread the daffodils onto the straws

Make a hole in the bottom of the egg cup and thread the straw though.  Put the smaller centre onto the straw and snip the top of the straw down to size.

Step 3: assembly


Use sticky tape to arrange your daffodils in the toilet roll tube and wrap a ribbon around to make your 'vase' a little prettier. A pebble at the bottom of the tube stops the flowers from falling over so easily.

Tip: This activity is suitable for children age 3 years and up, but you will have to help them with the cutting.  

F daffodil craft

A simpler idea for younger children is to cut out the shape of a large petal, paint an egg cup from a box, then stick the two together.  The photo above is the daffodil created by Sorcha's son yesterday!