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Recipe: Unicorn Jelly Eggs

To make 6 Unicorn Jelly Eggs you will need:

Step 1: wash eggs and make holes in each end

wash eggs and make hole

Use a corkscrew to gently make a small hole in the bottom (wide) part of the egg.  Turn the egg over and do the same at the top (pointy) end.  The hole on the top should be a bit bigger.

Step 2: break up the egg yolk inside the shell

break the egg yolk

Poke the pin or paperclip through the larger hole and swirl around to break up the egg yolk inside the egg.  

Step 3: blow egg out of shell

empty all the egg out of the shell

Tip the egg upside down and blow gently through the small hole until the egg shell is completely empty. Next, fill the egg shell with warm water and rinse the inside.  Allow to dry for 1 hour then repeat.

Step 4: pour in the jelly

fill the eggs

Make up the jelly according to pack instructions.  Allow to cool slightly then pour into the egg through the larger hole on top (first tape up the bottom hole!).

Tip: To experiment with unicorn colours, you will need more than one colour of jelly.  Pipe in one or two syringe-fulls of jelly then pop the egg shells into the freezer for 20 minutes to set before adding the next colour.  Repeat this process until the eggs are full.

If you or a friend has small kids, you will easily be able to get hold of a baby medicine syringe like mine.  This is by far the easiest way I have found to fill the eggs with jelly.  If you can't find one of these, a piping bag will work too.

Step 5: crack open!

Leave to set (preferably overnight) then crack the eggs to open and show the jelly.

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